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:: special callsign 5K20A ::

  Posted by SM6YKB on 2005-11-11

1985 the snow around the Arena crater of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano melted, producing a huge and devastating avalanche of mud and rock that completely destroyed the Colombian City of Armero. This is the major volcano originated catastrophe endured by Colombia in its history, the landslide killed almost 25,000 people and material losses were priceless. Given the poor communication of the time and the lack of coordination between rescue teams (national-local authorities and non governmental organizations) assistance from radio amateurs was paramount in directing aid in the rescue efforts and bringing in the much-needed resources. This support later brought about monitoring of the volcano and contributed to the establishment of emergency committees, a basic requirement in preventing and lessening the effects of future disasters. Twenty years later, these committees continue to assess tasks during emergencies and plan for the future. Ham operators today recognize the past efforts of our colleagues in helping others throughout the long hours of work during this tragedy, honoring their labor with this special callsign 5K20A, which will be on the air from the prior Armero-Guayabal disaster site, authorized by the Colombian Ministry of Communications through enactment No. 002421 of October 24, 2005. We will operate from November 10- 14, being the 13th the special date our operation being on the air throughout the total 24-hour period. Operation is being coordinated and operated by HK3FXE, Mr. Alberto Jos? Su?rez and qsl managre is HK3SGP 73 and good dx oscar HK6PRO/HK3 - HK6PRO;

:: Call for CQWW CW Teams ::

  Posted by 9A6XX on 2005-11-11

planning to operate Single Op entries in CQWW CW 2005 give us your plans and enter WWYC Team! Just hit a comment on this post with call to be used, operator and category and you will be listed in one of our teams. More about Team Contesting on! - 9A6XX;

:: Sarah/KB3MME ::

  Posted by EA7OT on 2005-11-05

to this reflector that one of our very own WWYC members is currently going through a hospital stay. If anyone is interested in sending gifts/flowers/cards you may do so. I have listed the address below. I do not want to, out of respect for Sarah, go into details on the reflector. But for those interested in getting further information. Please email ( Contact Information: University Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) C/O Sarah Schoch 22 South Gree Street | Baltimore, MD 21201 Telephone: 410-328-8898 * *Note: the telephone number goes to the nurses stations on the ward Sarah is on. Not to Sarah's room. The number is given for those wishing to send flowers, online it asks for a number. Use this one. 73 Steve/KD5OWO - KD5OWO;

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