About WWYC

World Wide Young Contesters (WWYC) is an amateur radio contest club that was created in November 1999. The club has been founded by a few teen contest friends, OZ1AA, LZ5AZ, 9A6XX, YT7AW, SM3WMV, in order to organize young contesters from all over the world, to encourage activity and to become more active and competitive.

Until today, there are over 700 members, among them some very well known and successful contesters, but also a lot of people who just enjoy contesting, no matter what the results are.

A lot of beautiful friendships between young contesters from all parts of the world have been established by WWYC activities, but also on the competitive side, WWYCers have encouraged and pushed each other further and further, far beyond what they once thought was possible.


On the air
The members of WWYC are very active on the air, in all different kind of activities. Of course, they all share their love for contesting, but there are more contests than any single person could work.

While most members are into the traditional ways of contesting, CW and SSB on HF, there also have some RTTY, VHF and microwave enthusiasts, QRP freaks, and last but not least also some serious HST competitors among the crowd.

WWYC is not only about contesting. There are regular meetings of the members. Most of these are on a smaller, national scale, when WWYCers join together as a contest team, or meet up on hamfests.

Since 2004, official WWYC meetings have taken place in different parts of Europe, which were attended by several dozen WWYC members each. Check the meetings section of this website for more information and possible announcements of future meetings.

An active mailing list and an IRC channel are the main means of communication between WWYC members. Read here how to get in touch.

How to join WWYC

When we talk about young contesters first we had to make an age limit to our members. This age limit is 30.

Contesters above this age cannot join our club, but our mailing list and IRC channel, and also all other activities are open to just anybody with a genuine interest in contesting.

If you are still below 30, and really like contesting you are welcome to join us. Just fill out the form on our join WWYC page and in few days you'll get your WWYC number.

Members who cross the age limit, will become members of the WWYC Hall of Fame.

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