WWYC Lidfest

Lidfest Rules

The Lidfest is an annual act of incredible lidness, organized by the World Wide Young Contesters (WWYC). It was first held in 2007.

Date, Time

26th December, 20:04-21:17 UTC


80m CW (limited to 3540 - 3545 kHz!), 2m FM


- Single Operator
- Married Operator (please no cheating here!)

No power categories, but QRP stations are sanctioned with a 100 point penalty.


RST + 5 letter code

This 5 letter code is the exchange you received from the previous stations, except for the first QSO where you have to make up something yourself. Allowed characters: A-Z, 0-9.

QSY rule

The CQing station has to QSY from the frequency by at least 1kHz after a successful QSO.

QSO points

A valid QSO on 80m with your own continent counts for 1 point, DX 3 points.
A valid QSO on 2m FM leads to instant disqualification.
The contest is divided in 10 minute periods. Every station can be worked once per period for credit.
QSOs via EME, Meteoscatter or Echolink do not count.



Final score

Sum of QSO points, plus bonus:

- 2 points for each DX cluster spot (during the contest) indicating poor operating practice ("LID", "no ears", "deaf as a rock", ...);

- 4 points for a TVI or BCI complaint during the contest (written evidence);

- 17 points if all QSOs were made using whistled CW, with a spark gap transmitter or two pieces of unisolated wire;

- 50 points for the destruction of your PA's finals;

- 100 points if the contest was operated from an extraterrestrial location, including but not limited to the moon, Mars, Venus, the Sun, Saturn or Finland.

- 200 points if your callsign suffix is "LID".


Use any logger, set up for "IARU HF World championship" and note your initial 5-letter code and the claimed bonus points in the cabrillo summary. The contest sponsor will calculate your final score. Send logs to Fablid: mail@fkurz.net


Everyone is a winner. The winner with the highest number of points may proudly call himself the "Lid of the Year".

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