WWYC History

This part of wwyc.net is under permanent construction.
Currently it's just a few, very incomplete notes.
If you have anything to contribute, please contact Fabian, DJ1YFK, mail@fkurz.net.

1999 - A new club is born

- WWYC is founded by OZ1AA, LZ5AZ, YT7AW and SM3WMV, and quickly gaining new members.
- The WWYC mailing list was set up, replacing email communication between 25 members via endless CC:-lines.
- First discussions of a WWYC contest evolve, without any real result

2000 - First activities

- The number of members passes 100
- WWYC active and successful in IARU-contest/WRTC: DJ1YFK visiting SM0W(KA) and friends at SK9HQ, 9A6XX and YT7AW working from Slovenia as S5M, and DL1IAO competes at a high level at the WRTC in Bled.

2001 - ...

2002 - WWYC on tour

- WWYCers on tour: 8Q7ZZ

2003 -

- Four WWYC teams, OT3R (ON4CCP/ON5ZO), G6UW (5B4WN/5B4AFM), 9A7P/P (DJ1YFK/9A5CW), 9A1P/P (9A1UN/IZ3ESV) and 9A9D/P (9A6XX/9A6NPM) take part in the WRTC-style Competition and fill the first three places. At the meeting in Croatia, the idea of a big WWYC meeting for the following year is born...
- Membership hits 300.

2004 - The first WWYC meeting

- CQWW Committee desaster: The offer to have a WWYC member in the prestigious CQWW Committee produces nothing but trouble and shows that a club like WWYC works best when it's all just about fun.
- The first WWYC meeting takes place in Croatia, organized by the crew of 9A7P, around Hrle, 9A6XX.
- "Honorary WWYC Membership", for hams who support WWYC activities, introduced.

2005 - ...

- 2nd WWYC meeting in Darlowko, Poland, organized by SP5HNK and crew.

2006 - ...

- WWYCers at the WRTC 2006 ...
- WWYC meeting in Novi Sad, Serbia

2007 - ...

- WWYC meeting in Munich, Germany
- 8 years after first discussing our own contest, the first WWYC Lidfest takes place for the first time.

2008 - ...

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