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:: Month of CQWW SSB ::

  Posted by 9A6XX on 2004-10-01

the biggest contesting event in the year! CQWW SSB is knocking on our doors! What are your plans for 30th and 31st October?! Let us know by filling out a poll and of course give your comments and activity plans here! In expectation of that event you can get hot by looking on other ones plans. Click here to see what others are planning. October rules! - 9A6XX;

:: comment by M3HKY- 2008-05-15 ::

Great to see the site alive again!;

:: comment by M3PHP- 2008-05-15 ::

Well done fab, nice and fast too!;

:: comment by YT2T- 2008-05-16 ::

way to go Fab... go WWYC!;

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