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:: 6Y1V - Free CQWW DXpedition for a young ham! ::

  Posted by DJ1YFK on 2009-08-20

The Young Ham Contest Program, initiated by KY1V (aka 6Y1V) will be making a selection for the 2009 CQWW SSB or CW contest by the end of September.

Interested young amateurs 21 years of age and younger should send in their essays as soon as possible in order to be eligible for this all expense paid trip of a lifetime to Jamaica to operate the 6Y1V contest station in one of the two 2009 CQWW DX contests.

Several WWYC members were among the lucky winners of this program in the last few years; good luck to everyone applying this year!

6Y1V homepage - Address for essay submissions: .


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