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:: WWYC CQWW CW 2004 Team ::

  Posted by 9A6XX on 2004-11-25

WWYC - The Big 5 CT7B - CT1ILT - Pedro, winner of many contest! The guy that doesnt know the word LIMIT. High rates and rare mults are his middle name. This time he will beat the unbreatable OF Timo, OH1NOA at CT8T! Go Felipe! NR3X - N4YDU - Nate, reaching his 30ies doesnt stop him from making great efforts. He will do his best in Single Op All Bands Low Power. With 2 times TS870, wires and TH7 hes shooting for big USA score! 1st place? Thats absolutly his target! OZ1AA - Tommy, our #001 member will show up again from probably loudest danish station - OZ7YY. From Thomas we yet again expect make huge score from this huge station. May the pile ups be with you! DJ1YFK - Put a QRQ lid in a QRQ contest on a QRO station = getting a BIG score. Thats what Fabian Kurz represents in this CQWW CW. The only thing that stands between him and the millions are liters of beer. GO FAB! ON5ZO - Franki finnaly built a decent HF station in a decent land where the only thing between him and USA is miles of water. This is his first real attempt into top scores and therefore we except this guy to be the one making team score reaching the sky! GO WWYC!!!! - 9A6XX;

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