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:: 2nd WWYC Meeting pictures ::

  Posted by guest on 2005-08-24

pictures are out and available [url=,com_zoom/Itemid,/catid,22/][b]HERE[/b][/url]. There is 1256 pictures availble of 2057 total, provided by almost all of the participants. The party was great - if you were not there, go and see... if you were, smile! Any comments are welcome (but pls post them in english) and of course you can rate the pictures :-) Have fun! [b]UPDATE:[/b] If in lack of response, please be patient... the server is not so strong (link is 100mbit/sec but CPU is too slow) :-) as for this amount of pictures to serve. We have reached it's limit at 40 people watching the gallery at the same time. - SQ3TQM;

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