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:: Sarah/KB3MME ::

  Posted by EA7OT on 2005-11-05

to this reflector that one of our very own WWYC members is currently going through a hospital stay. If anyone is interested in sending gifts/flowers/cards you may do so. I have listed the address below. I do not want to, out of respect for Sarah, go into details on the reflector. But for those interested in getting further information. Please email ( Contact Information: University Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) C/O Sarah Schoch 22 South Gree Street | Baltimore, MD 21201 Telephone: 410-328-8898 * *Note: the telephone number goes to the nurses stations on the ward Sarah is on. Not to Sarah's room. The number is given for those wishing to send flowers, online it asks for a number. Use this one. 73 Steve/KD5OWO - KD5OWO;

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