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:: WWYC amazed in WPXs 2005 ::

  Posted by 9A6XX on 2006-03-03

of Contest Club points for WPX CW & SSB 2005 contests. WWYC members submitted more then [b]85 MILLION POINTS[/b]! #1 Bavarian Contest Club ... 221,468,371 #2 Potomac Valley Radio Club ... 142,743,103 #3 Yankee Clipper Contest Club ... 111,465,447 #4 Contest Club Finland ... 90,282,327 #5 World Wide Young Contesters ... 85,608,541 !!! This is probably biggest ever WWYC effort and result leaving behind some great Clubs such as RRDXA, FRC, NCCC....! Next WPX SSB is in the last weekend of March so be there and lets make this score even bigger! - 9A6XX;

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