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:: C6- Bahamas DXpedition ::

  Posted by YU7BPQ on 2006-06-29

I just wanted to tell you guys my dad (W2VQ) and I (KC2NMZ) will be heading to Treasure Cay, Abaco Island (NA-080?) July 23rd-July30/1? If anyone needs Bahamas or Island for a new one, please send me an email and hopefully we can try for a sked. We will be running verticals and dipoles into 100Watts. Operation will be 6-80Meters, especially 6Meters RTTY PSK 30Meters, but will operate all bands too. My email is or You can directly talk to me through AIM-kc2nmz MSN Messenger Yahoo Messenger I hope all of you can work me and look for you there. I will upload pictures later..73--Paul KC2NMZ - KC2NMZ;

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