Mailing list

The easiest way to stay up to date about WWYC activities and participate in discussions is the WWYC mailing list.
It is hosted at and you can subscribe and read the archives under the following link:


IRC channel

A number of WWYC members can also be found on the #wwyc IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel, on

To connect, you either need an IRC program like HydraIRC (Windows, free), Chatzilla (Windows, Linux) or irssi (Linux, Unix), or you can use the Web Chat to chat directly from your browser.

- Server:
- Channel: #wwyc
- Nickname: Your callsign

Note: #wwyc used to be on different networks in the past (Worldirc and EFnet). We have now moved it to, which will be the final location.

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